Algorithmic trading bots

Creating algorithmic trading bots requires programming expertise, extensive mathematical knowledge, and trading acumen

By combining these abilities, SNR_ is in a unique position to provide you with a variety of bots that are ready for deployment

To create the finest trading strategies for our bots, we continuously test a range of technical indicator combinations, risk and money management techniques, and select the best performing ones for our offerings


Deploy bots

Several technical requirements must be met in order for a trading bot to be set up successfully. Before deployment, trading bots must be backtested using a variety of brokers and instrument combinations. Once deployed, trading bots also need reliable network connectivity and constant access to trading platforms

From back testing to deployment, SNR_ eliminates all the fuss, making sure our bots are deployed as close as possible to the top brokers they perform on for swift and responsive trade execution


Bots are continually back tested to keep track of any changes in the market and to make sure they are deployed on the best brokers for their particular trading styles. We conduct billions of tests each week, spread across 14 geographical locations to identify the top candidates for our clients

Backtesting refers to the process of simulating the performance of the bot using data from prior years. To find the optimal fit, we perform these tests on a wide range of financial instruments and with a number of brokers

Although we can’t guarantee future performance, backtesting offers the clearest picture of the bot's anticipated returns


Bots are deployed on servers that are nearest to the brokers that they perform best on, ensuring orders are executed quickly, at the appropriate price, and with the least amount of slippage


Optimize code

Every strategy will eventually experience a performance decline when the underlying market conditions on which it was based change

SNR_ offers you piece of mind because all deployed bots are consistently optimized to respond to those market changes

Constant monitoring

We constantly monitor the performance of our bots, tracking their actual performance compared to their forecast

Adapt settings

When we see that one or more algorithmic parameters have changed, we adjust the appropriate settings to get the bot back to the performance we want